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Have you ever thought about your erectile dysfunction from the point of view of the doctor? Usually, as soon as you realize that ED is bugging you then t is high time for you to seek an appropriate cure for it. The very first thing that you ought to do is to figure out why you have erectile dysfunction and what particular illnesses have brought impotency in your life at all. there are actually so many factors that may bring to ED as a result.

- there is a probability that you have erection problems due to your constant stress and anxiety issues, try to avoid getting stressed all the time by working out and maybe even trying yoga.Some men find meditation to be extremely helpful to avoid and deal with stress issues and anger problems in your life.

- depression is also a common issue that may lead to the total loss of interest in having sexual intercourse and participating in it. You should test something new with your partner in case you actually want to get your sex life back on track then you can try role-players time after time. As soon as you will manage to find your partner attractive again then you will see that your thrill in bed will come back this instant.

- there is a possibility that your erection problems have been brought to your life by certain kind of bad addiction that you have. Try to avoid drinking and smoking a lot, usually, this kind of bad addictions usually lead to the tightness of blood vessels, therefore, you will see that blood may not go to the genitals and erection may be extremely slow and weak at the same time.